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Hello, CTEI Members,

Throughout the year CTEI, your professional association for career education in Idaho, continues to work at supporting your needs as professional CTE educators. A board of volunteers run the business of CTEI; some are elected, and some are appointed. We are reaching out to invite you to consider a position on the board.

Open Board Positions

CTEI President-Elect 2023-2024

Elected Positions

From CTEI’s bylaws: 

Section B

    The President-elect shall:

    1. Preside in the absence of the President and fulfill the duties of the President.  In the event of a permanent absence, the President-elect shall become President of Career and Technical Educators of Idaho.
    2. Serve as a resource person and assist the President in carrying out the responsibilities.
    3. Chair the By-laws Committee.

    Election of Officers – Eligibility

    1. The Officers of CTEI shall be elected from the affiliated members of the Association.
    2. The CTEI President-elect shall have been an active member of the Career and Technical Educators of Idaho and her/his division at least three years prior to nomination. 
    3. The CTEI President and President-elect shall not be eligible to succeed himself/herself in the same office for more than one term.  A term is one year.
    4. The CTEI President, President-elect or immediate past president shall not be from the same division.

    Appointed Positions

    These positions are not elected positions, but are appointed by the president with approval of the executive committee. Terms are usually one year but can be renewed. Usually the individuals filling these roles stay with them for a few years because they learn the position as they go and they enjoy serving in these capacities.

    Appointed Positions are currently full

    The CTEI board meets annually in June for a planning session, meets again during the summer conference, and then monthly for a one-hour call during the school year. Our purpose is to represent the interests of all Idaho career technical education programs, teachers, and administrators. We invite you to consider joining the ranks of educators who have stepped up to a leadership role in CTEI to continue our mission and support the work of CTE in Idaho.

    Please send a letter of interest to Travis Edwards, our Past-President, if you are interested in any of the open board positions. Any questions can be directed to any of our presidential leaders, Pam Kantack, board president, Ben Hamlett, president-elect or Travis Edwards, past-president.



    Open Board Positions

    Updated June 2023

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