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  • 15 Feb 2021 10:59 PM | Robin Bagent

    Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century

    The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (generally referred to as Perkins V) provides an opportunity for Career and Technical Education to help drive Idaho towards our goal of 60% of Idahoans between the ages of 25 and 34 possessing a degree or certificate by 2025, improve the occupational outlook of our students, and provide the skilled workforce Idaho employers need.  The Act also supports the recommendations of Idaho’s 2017 Workforce Development Task Force, to build CTE secondary and postsecondary program capacity to meet workforce demand. 


    • As part of the Federal Perkins re-authorization in 2018, states are being given an unprecedented opportunity to fundamentally change how they spend their federal CTE funds. States are now expected to invest in programs of study, better prepare students for careers, and more closely link their programs to labor market needs. Idaho will work to accomplish these objectives through key activities: 

    • Improving relationships between secondary and postsecondary through transition-centered activities and stronger college and career advising 
    • Strengthening the direct pipeline from secondary to postsecondary education within CTE 
    • Connecting Perkins projects to labor market needs
    Idaho will see significant shifts in a number of critical areas:
    • Perkins funds will now only be used for projects that are linked to a CTE pathway (Perkins Program of Study). Cluster programs will continue to be funded using other state funding sources. 
    • While Idaho will keep Technical Skills Assessments as a performance measure, Idaho will also add a Career Technical Student Organization component to both secondary and postsecondary performance measures. 
    • Recipients will be required to use a portion of their Perkins funding to support a transition project. Transition projects will be used to improve the alignment and function of programs of study between the secondary and postsecondary levels. 
    • All Perkins activities will be driven by local needs assessments. Needs assessments will be data driven by in-demand occupations in the state, region, and/or local area. 
    • All Perkins recipients must participate in annual equity training to meet the needs of special populations or other underrepresented groups.
  • 27 May 2020 6:20 PM | Robin Bagent

    Last week, the United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 6800, the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act, a $3 trillion, 1,800 page follow-up coronavirus relief package. Although it made important, substantial investments into our education system, it does not include any dedicated resources for CTE programs.

    In early May, Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia and Sen. Patty Murray of Washington introduced H.R. 6646/S. 3659, the Relaunching America’s Workforce (RAWA) Act, which provides over $15 billion in funding for various federal workforce programs in response to the economic fallout created by COVID-19, including $1 billion through the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V), and $2 billion for community college and industry partnerships. The bill also provides critical Perkins V waivers that give our education leaders the flexibility necessary to ensure they continue to provide high-quality CTE programs to students.

    As attention now turns to the Senate and negotiations between the respective parties, our goal is to ensure that CTE funding is prioritized! It is critical that the next relief package provides the necessary resources to ensure students can gain skills that are needed to help combat the pandemic and that will be needed by business and industry as we shift toward long-term economic recovery.

    For those of you who have relationships with your Members of Congress, now would be an excellent time to contact them and ask them to support the inclusion of funding for the Relaunching America’s Workforce Act in the next relief package.

    You can contact your Members of Congress through the ACTE Legislative Action Center … or you can call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. An operator will then connect you with your requested office. This can be particularly effective if you have a contact in the congressional office that you can ask for directly. For sample talking points, please see below.

    • CTE is critical to helping our nation’s economy recover and to getting millions of Americans back to work. 
    • Significant investment is needed to help "upskill" and retrain the over 30 million Americans who are out of work and the many whose jobs are likely to be changed and impacted as a result of coronavirus. 
    • During the last recession, postsecondary enrollment increased by nearly 2.5 million students or 16 percent. The increase was largely due to nontraditional-aged college students, and 50 percent of the new enrollments went to community colleges. A similar trend can be expected with the current predicted economic downturn.
    • The next stimulus bill must include a significant investment in CTE and workforce development programs to ensure that CTE has the capacity and resources to nimbly and adequately support urgent workforce needs.

  • 21 Jun 2019 9:30 AM | Clay Long

    Twin Falls, Idaho - During the Career & Technical Educators of Idaho Board meeting last week the Legislative Committee Chair provided a report including the recommendation to review and adopt two resolutions.  The two resolutions were: 

    Resolution I : CTEI's stance on a desire to explore alternative Technical Skill Assessments.

    Resolution II : CTEI's stance on a need to open dialogue with stakeholders within Idaho as the state produces it's Perkins V plan. 

  • 15 Mar 2019 9:00 AM | Clay Long

    Legislative Alert - Perkins Funding

    Ask Your Representative: 
    Sign the Perkins Funding Letter!

    On Monday, the President released his FY 2020 budget request to Congress, proposing flat funding for Perkins. You can read more about the details of the budget request on the CTE Policy Watch blog.

    While not binding, the President’s budget signals the beginning of congressional debate on the FY 2020 federal appropriations process, and emphasizes the need for strong advocacy on behalf of CTE to ensure Perkins funding is increased to meet the needs of students and employers.

    To help with this advocacy, Reps. Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Glenn Thompson (R-PA), the co-chairs of the bipartisan Congressional CTE Caucus, are asking their colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives to join them in supporting federal funding for CTE in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 appropriations bill. Lawmakers who support CTE should sign this letter to the House Appropriations Committees urging a strong federal investment in Perkins.

    We need as many members of the House as possible to sign this letter to help ensure that the appropriations committee recognizes the importance of funding CTE. Please take a few minutes to help us in this effort! The deadline for representatives to sign on is Friday, March 22.

    Take Action:

    • Contact your Representative: 
      • Representative Mike Simpson (contact)
      • Representative Russ Fulcher (contact)
    • Ask him to support funding for CTE by signing the FY 2020 Perkins appropriations request letter led by Reps. Langevin and Thompson.

    Every signature is critical in signaling congressional support for strong federal funding for CTE. Please take a moment to help us in this effort!

    Your CTEI membership and dues directly impact our ability to serve as your advocate for CTE programs and our efforts would not be possible without your support. Learn more about CTEI’s policy activities and the latest news on CTEI’s Website

    If you have any questions, please contact the Legislative Chair, Lex Godfrey.

    Career & Technical Educators of Idaho | www.cteidaho.org

  • 8 Mar 2019 3:00 PM | Clay Long

    Legislative Update - Senate Bill 1106

    Idaho Senate Bill 1106


    Yesterday, during the Senate Education Committee meeting, Senate Bill 1106 was presented for a hearing and testimony. This legislation could allow for virtual schools to provide CTE courses without any face-to-face instruction.

    CTEI Action

    Legislative Committee Chair, Lex Godfrey, took a proactive approach speaking with Senate Education Committee Chair Senator Dean Mortimer and Vice Chair Senator Steven Thayne to discuss concerns with the current language and intent.

    In addition to the phone conversations, Mr. Godfrey prepared a position statement letter to the Senate Education Committee and CTEI past-president Clay Long attended the hearing to provide testimony aligned to CTEI's concerns. In addition to the work of the CTEI Legislative Committee, members of the Idaho Association of Administrators also submitted letters to Senate Education Committee members. 


    Several individuals testified in favor of identifying appropriate CTE courses that could be offered through a virtual learning opportunity, however, there are a majority of classes which a hands-on, in-person setting would only be appropriate. The authors of the legislation stated in their testimony that it was not their intent to mandate a virtual pathway when a hands-on, in-person learning model was appropriate. 

    The Senate Education Committee, after receiving an amendment from the author, testimony from students, industry, and CTE Division Administrator, Dwight Johnson, voted to send the bill to the "amending order". The Committee asked Senator Thayne to be the bill sponsor and develop appropriate amendments with input from Director Johnson and the ICTE office before it is considered by the full Senate.

    This partnership and collaboration between the Idaho Division of CTE, Career & Technical Educators of Idaho, Associations, and our elected officials remain critical to the current and future success of CTE in Idaho.

    If you are interested in engaging in the Legislative Committee work, please contact Chair Lex Godfrey.

    Career & Technical Educators of Idaho | www.cteidaho.org

  • 19 Feb 2019 12:00 PM | Clay Long

    CTE Month...
    Celebrate TODAY, own TOMORROW!

    Dear Member:

    Thank you for being a part of the CTE profession! We are a varied group that is rather small, but we make a HUGE impact on the lives of students every day. Here at CTEI, we are proud of all the hard work that happens around Idaho to benefit students, families and communities.

    February is CTE MONTH which brings national attention to the great things we do as a profession. This campaign was spearheaded by ACTE (Association of Career & Technical Educators), our national affiliate, in order to bring awareness and advance CTE. Each state chooses how that looks and one important event Idaho participates in is the CTE Foundation’s Student Day at the Legislature.

    This coincides with the ICTE Director giving their budget proposal and legislative visits by CTE professionals. There are great things happening all over the state that need to be shouted and touted! The link below is provided from the ACTE website and lists ways YOU can celebrate CTE in your school and community. So, wear your CTE gear, invite community and business members in to see your program in action and share your stories to all who will listen! https://www.acteonline.org/why-cte/cte-awareness/cte-month/


    Mindy Pals
    CTEI President

    Legislative Update 
    Lex Godfrey, Chair

    Your Legislative Committee has been busy this Session! With a significant number of new legislators, it has been important to connect with these individuals and introduce Career & Technical Educators of Idaho. 

    During our time in Boise for the CTEI Board meeting and SDAL, members of the Legislative Committee had the opportunity to speak with House Speaker Bedke, House and Senate Education Committee Chairs and many of our elected representatives. Additionally, we continue conversation and engagement with our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State Board of Education Members.

    This March, CTEI will have representatives attending the ACTE Policy Seminar. These individuals will meet with our members of Congress and share the great work and challenges Idaho is facing within the CTE realm. During next year's Idaho Legislative Session, this team will spearhead a CTEI Policy Seminar to help engage our membership in the important advocacy work locally. More information will be available during REACH.

    If you're interested in joining the Legislative Committee, please sign-up.

    Website Launch

    CTEI is proud to have launched its new website earlier this month! The website includes a new easier to navigate design, member-only access areas, directories by program area, Teacher Association, and general members in addition to enhanced offerings for Teacher Associations.

    Teacher Associations now have the ability to use the website and its membership management system free of charge. Associations are able to customize their own website, process new and renewing memberships; along with a multitude of other options. 

    CTEI is excited to begin offering professional development videos and lessons for members in the near future. If you have not already checked out the site, it's simple: go to the website, click the log-in and click the "forgot my password" option. This will provide an easy set-up for your account. Make sure to use the same e-mail address you're receiving this e-mail as your username.

    CTEI Board Meeting

    Your Career & Technical Educators of Idaho Board meet in Boise on January 30th to continue the work on our Strategic and Long-Range plan, provide updates on committee work, and have a presence at the State Capitol for Student Day at the Legislature. For the agenda, visit the Board page on the website.

    If you're interested in joining the board or engaging in the work of our committees, please contact any of the board members. To learn more about the committees check out the committee page to serve on a committee, use our committee sign-up form. (You'll need to be logged into the website to access this page).

    Student Day at the Legislature - Update

    On Wednesday, January 30th, 2019, CTEI leadership (Picture: President Mindy Pals pictured with FCCLA State officers) joined industry leaders, educationalMindy with Officers leaders, legislators, Lieutenant Governor McGeachin, and Governor Little in celebrating the achievement of Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) and technical college student leaders at the annual Student Day at the Legislature (SDAL) luncheon.

    SDAL's main purpose is to showcase student achievement to the legislators to ensure those legislators' continued support for CTE in Idaho, but it is much more. Industry table sponsors share their need for CTE trained workers, while CTSO student leaders share their personal stories of training to be a skilled worker. At the same time, the Idaho CTE Foundation uses SDAL as one of its annual fundraisers to fund CTE student scholarships. Table sponsorship enables the Idaho CTE Foundation to continue to provide scholarships to students enrolled in CTE programs across Idaho. Annually, the Foundation provides over $5,000 in scholarships to students; these scholarships often make the difference in whether a student is able to participate in activities that extend their learning and hone their career aspirations.

    The Idaho CTE Foundation is very grateful for the support provided by CTEI in sponsoring a table and for sharing their CTE story with legislative leaders. For more information about the CTE Foundation, check out our website.

    Thank you! Harold Nevill, Ph.D.,
    Chairman, Idaho CTE Foundation
    President-Elect CTEI

  • 17 Jan 2019 4:51 PM | Clay Long

    Career & Technical Educators of Idaho has launched a new website aimed and providing members access to professional development, real-time peer collaboration, and member management services to associations. 

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