Legislative Update - Senate Bill 1106

8 Mar 2019 3:00 PM | Clay Long

Legislative Update - Senate Bill 1106

Idaho Senate Bill 1106


Yesterday, during the Senate Education Committee meeting, Senate Bill 1106 was presented for a hearing and testimony. This legislation could allow for virtual schools to provide CTE courses without any face-to-face instruction.

CTEI Action

Legislative Committee Chair, Lex Godfrey, took a proactive approach speaking with Senate Education Committee Chair Senator Dean Mortimer and Vice Chair Senator Steven Thayne to discuss concerns with the current language and intent.

In addition to the phone conversations, Mr. Godfrey prepared a position statement letter to the Senate Education Committee and CTEI past-president Clay Long attended the hearing to provide testimony aligned to CTEI's concerns. In addition to the work of the CTEI Legislative Committee, members of the Idaho Association of Administrators also submitted letters to Senate Education Committee members. 


Several individuals testified in favor of identifying appropriate CTE courses that could be offered through a virtual learning opportunity, however, there are a majority of classes which a hands-on, in-person setting would only be appropriate. The authors of the legislation stated in their testimony that it was not their intent to mandate a virtual pathway when a hands-on, in-person learning model was appropriate. 

The Senate Education Committee, after receiving an amendment from the author, testimony from students, industry, and CTE Division Administrator, Dwight Johnson, voted to send the bill to the "amending order". The Committee asked Senator Thayne to be the bill sponsor and develop appropriate amendments with input from Director Johnson and the ICTE office before it is considered by the full Senate.

This partnership and collaboration between the Idaho Division of CTE, Career & Technical Educators of Idaho, Associations, and our elected officials remain critical to the current and future success of CTE in Idaho.

If you are interested in engaging in the Legislative Committee work, please contact Chair Lex Godfrey.

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